Maura Coyle

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    Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

    Maura is a fully qualified and experienced Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist.  She did her training with Relate (UK) and is accredited by C.O.S.R.T. ( College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists). She also has a Degree in Psychology.

    Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

    Maura works in an integrative way, taking the whole person into account. She utilises a range of theoretical approaches, which is always determined by the needs of the client.

    In Psychosexual Therapy the main theory used is Cognitive Behavioural, but she introduces other approaches as the need arises. Psychosexual Therapy is used to work with specific sexual difficulties experienced by couples and individuals, where medical causes have been ruled out. There is an initial assessment process, which enables the therapist to tailor the programme to meet the clients need.

    The difficulties Maura has worked with over the last decade are:

    • Vaginismus – penetrative sex is impossible, partial, and/or painful.
    • Dyspareunia – painful sexual experiences for male or female.
    • Premature/Delayed Ejaculation – ejaculation occurs before penetration or quickly on penetration, or ejaculation takes too long or does not happen at all.
    • Erectile difficulties – difficulty getting and/or maintaining erection.
    • Anorgasmia – inability to achieve orgasm
    • Desire levels – when there is a loss of desire of low desire that causes a problem for the couple or individual.

    While the above are specific problems, there can also be some non specific concerns, but regardless of what the problem is, the area of sex and sexuality is not easy to talk about. It is very personal and private. Maura is experienced in helping clients to be more comfortable and at ease in talking about these sensitive issues.

    Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

    Maura has over 20 years experience in working with Relationships and over 15 years experience as a Psychosexual Therapist. During this time, Maura has worked with couples and individuals that present with difficulties in their relationships. These difficulties have included communication breakdown, affairs, parenting, sexual difficulties and separation to name but a few.

    Separation is an area Maura has a lot of experience in. She has worked with couples where one partner wants to end the relationship, and with individuals who are dealing with the loss and grief associated with the ending of a relationship.

    Maura’s fee is €80 per session


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